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Topic-icon Why cybersecurity workers are some of the hardest to retain

1 year 3 weeks ago #3766 by shaunboi

Cybersecurity workers are in high demand, and the security industry may face a shortage of close to two million qualified personnel by 2022. That’s concerning giving the increasing number of cyber attacks we’re witnessing. But what’s more concerning is that, according to recent research I conducted, the problem is not only attracting talent to cybersecurity, it’s retaining that talent. A large number of people are leaving the industry and not returning to it due to a lack of direction, burnout, and a toxic culture that can include discrimination or harassment.

While building the pipeline through training and education is critical, it means nothing if the industry can’t hold onto the professionals once they’ve entered the field.

In August and September, I surveyed over 300 security professionals, with three-quarters having worked in the field over five years, and 35% over 11 years. Their responses highlighted three key factors that have the greatest impact on retention: a lack of well-defined career paths, stress and burnout, and a need for cultural change across the industry. Without these, no matter how well we fill the pipeline, the skills shortage will only grow.


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1 year 3 weeks ago #3767 by moomoo77

Hmm, it's not an easy task to be a cybersecurity professional although reports indicated the high salaries for it. Quite tiring and have to burn midnight oil and weekends since most testings can be only carried out at non-peak hours.

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