Posted by Joyce, 13-11-2019

What is POFMA and purpose?

POFMA is Protection Against Online Falsehoods And Manipulation Act and purpose is to protect against electronic communication (Social Media, chat room and email) by individual. So what does it mean of a falsehood? Which means a false statement of fact is published on websites or social media, may result misleading infromation or misunderstanding. However it doesn't refer to public's opinion or criticism. Secondly, the communication of the false statement must have public interest consequences. What kind of public interest is reffering to? It refers to

1)Singapore's security

2)The protection of public's health or public's safety

3)Singapore's relation with other countries

4)The influence of the outcome's election

5)Inciting feelings of hatred or ill-will among different groups

6)Undermining public confidence in public institutions


When this two conditions (false statement of fact is published on websites and communication of the false statement must have public interest consequences)  are met, the minister will take actions, issue correction direction, internet interediary will put up a correction notice or issue a take down notice if is serious offence.

POFMA is an add-on existing law that has been established



How does the question above related to Cyber Security?

In most cases, online falsehood is spread through Social Engineering methods. A false headline maybe used to attract interest and "phish" you to website and provide personal details. How does this Cyber Security helps you to safeguard your sensitive data? Basically, technology are growing and advancing so as the hackers, finding some new methods to steal your credentials. You can find out more from here below or post a question and Cyber Security expertise will answer your question.