Asia IoT Business Platform Myanmar (27th Edition)

Date 22-11-2018 Time: 08:00 - 17:00 Fee: -

Venue: Sedona Hotel Yangon, Ho Chi Minh City
myanmar-iot-2018-logo Security Event - Asia IoT Business Platform Myanmar (27th Edition)

According to the Myanmar Telecommunications Ministry, over 90% of Myanmar adults have access to mobile phones in 2016 with smartphone penetration approaching 80% of all mobile phones. Big organizations like KBZ Bank, Awba and City Mart has embarked on their digital transformation journeys with solution providers like Microsoft, VWware, SAP.

As mobile phone penetration and internet users continue to increase in Myanmar, the opportunity to target this population with digital services offers huge incentives. The Burmese government has shown willingness and ready to embrace nationwide digital transformation.

Supported by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Ministry of Industry, Asia IoT Business Platform brings together over 200 senior stakeholders from government, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, healthcare, banking and financial services to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by IoT.

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