Avoid ransomware by moving to the cloud, says AWS Public Sector boss

Posted on 06-12-2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) worldwide public sector vice president Teresa Carlson believes the best place for governments to run their business securely is in the cloud. Speaking at the AWS Public Sect...

7 employees who worked at cybersecurity giant Palo Alto networks had their social security numbers exposed after a partner 'inadvertently' posted personal information to a website

Posted on 29-11-2019

A massive cybersecurity company suffered a security breach itself....

OnePlus Suffers New Data Breach Impacting Its Online Store Customers

Posted on 24-11-2019

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has suffered a new data breach exposing personal and order information of an undisclosed number of its customers, likely, as a result of a vulnerability in its online ...

Singapore signs MOU with the Republic of Korea to enhance cybersecurity cooperation

Posted on 24-11-2019

Mr Eric Teo, Singapore’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, exchanged the MOU with Mr Kim Seok-hwan, President, Korea Internet and Security Agency. It was witnessed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien...

Lock screen phone able to record videos unknowlingly

Posted on 23-11-2019

Loop holes are found in andriod phone may have malicious software existing for hacker to remote control cameras through "unsuspicious" application...