WhatsApp Says Israeli Firm Used Its App in Spy Program

Posted on 30-10-2019

SAN FRANCISCO — WhatsApp sued the Israeli cybersurveillance firm NSO Group in federal court on Tuesday, claiming the company’s spy technology was used on the popular messaging service in a...

City of Joburg, banks under cyber attack

Posted on 25-10-2019

The City of Johannesburg reported a breach of its network on Thursday night and shut down its website and all e-services, hours after receiving a bitcoin ransom note from a group called the Shadow Kil...

Microsoft announces Secured-core PCs to counter firmware attacks

Posted on 25-10-2019

Microsoft today announced a new initiative to combat threats specifically targeted at the firmware level and data stored in memory:Secured-core PCs. Microsoft partnered with chip and computer makers t...

High-profile Ransomware That Helped Attackers Make Massive Profits For Its Operators

Posted on 22-10-2019

A staple of many types of ransomware is encryption. It encrypts files on victims’ devices so that they cannot be opened without a password. Targeted ransomware attacks continue to help cyb...

Companies are Misusing VirusTotal and Exposing Confidential Data, Research Finds

Posted on 22-10-2019

Researchers said that they’ve discovered thousands of unprotected files from companies across the pharmaceutical, industrial, automotive and food sectors. These files contained information ra...